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We came across some interesting landscape designing concepts from London based designers MyLandscapes. Whether you’re a city dweller or a southern bell, we know everyone enjoys a place where they can sit, relax and self-reflect. So we are sure that you will appreciate the beautiful contemporary roof top terraces and gardens we have featured below. Assuming they will probably leave you curious to know more about the achievement of mastery in the great design and mood of these outdoor spaces, we’ll provide you with some guidelines that will help you design your own landscapes and create garden scenes that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years, using essential elements to create that WOW factor.

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Excellent Roof Garden Service

Have you got bored over the same dull look of your terrace? Do you want to add some exquisite charm to the roof of your residential abode? Then, it’s time for you to make your roof top an amazing place to hover over and the best way you can do it is by appointing a reliable roof garden service in your city. Here, Green Heaven comes forward to extend their hand of help and offers a plethora of wide collections that include several ornamental as well as decorative trees.

Ever since our establishment in 1990, we have managed to earn a considerable amount of acclamations and have also made a plethora of clientele to appreciate our services with striking comments as well as feed backs.

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1. We take pride for providing impeccable roof garden service in Kolkata and also look forward to render even more growth with the running pace of time.

2. We have a great collection of trees in our possession and you can easily make your choices from a plethora of options.

3. The price we offer is very much affordable and you don’t have to worry at all thinking of the budget factors involved in it.